14 March 2014

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Just to let everyone know that this blog is not by any means my main one. I started blogging with it a few years back, but for the last 2.5 years I've had another blog where I post about 2-3 times a week. The new blog combines everything about dolls: my doll collection, my creations for dolls (including my major historical projects: 1830s Jane Eyre, 1850s North and South, Medieval, 1530-40s Tudor and 1880-1900s Phantom of the Opera), and photographs of dolls travelling.

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06 June 2013

Corset for Jane Eyre (1830s)

I am currently completely engrossed in a Jane Eyre project for my Iplehouse BJD dolls. I am hand stitching complete outfits for dolls based on the Jane Eyre film (1983 version with Timothy Dalton). I am showing the process (with tutorials) in my main blog: http://www.daisy-dolls.com/tag/jane-eyre-project/

Here is the corset I have recently finished. It is 100% hand-stitched.

More photos in the main blog: http://www.daisy-dolls.com/2013/05/17/jane-eyres-corset/

14 December 2012

First dress for Olga

This is my first dress for my Olga (Gracelyn by Cristy Stone). She is a BJD doll 63 cm tall (SD size). I was so excited about this doll that I managed to sew this dress within about 3 hours, all in one day (usually I do it slowly – over a course of days, or, indeed, even weeks if I don’t feel like it!).
The pattern was kindly given to me by my friend Ariadne who had developed it herself for her Iplehouse doll Jessica. I had to adjust it a bit because Jessica has a more mature body and is bigger in the waist area. I really love the result! Thank you, Julia, for the pattern!
The dress is made from a 100% silk dupioni. It wasn’t very easy to sew as it kept fraying. The dress has lining from the same fabric and closes with a zip.

12 December 2012

Ball gown for Karina

I made this outfit for my American Model Tonner doll Karina from an “Opera” pattern by Designs by Jude. The outfit is made from satin fabric and includes a lace up bustier and a fully lined floor length skirt with a zip closure. I also made a beaded necklace to complement the outfit.

05 June 2012

Lacy dress for my Leda

I have finally finished a special dress for my very special doll Leda (Ambriel by Bo Bergemann). I love crocheting complicated lacy patterns and this is my finest work I have ever produced so far. I used crochet cotton #40 and crochet hook 0.60mm (US size 14). It took me a couple of months to finish the skirt. For the underskirt I used 1 whole yard of ballet tulle (the bottom ruffle is about 7-8 metres (about 7 yards) long! The dress closes at the back with a zip.

More photographs - in my main blog: http://www.daisy-dolls.com/2012/05/30/special-dress-for-my-special-doll/

17 March 2012

His Royal Majesty Severus the First

My Severus Snape by Tonner finally got his full royal outfit. It took me too long to make it (about 6 months!!), but at last it’s done. And here it is.
It is a period outfit from around 1420. It consists of a doublet and hosen, a houppelande, a head dress, leather shoes with pointed toes, a belt and a chain of office. I decided not to make his undershirt for the moment as it is not visible anyway, and also it wouldn’t comfortably fit into the doublet’s narrow sleeves without adding extra bulk.
All items were made using original patterns from the Middle Ages. The doublet and the hosen are made of 100% woolen fabric, the houppelande is made of a heavy brocade fabric and fully lined with brown velvet (it is supposed to be fur in this scale). The pointed shoes are made of leather and are closed at the inner side with laces. The doublet has 24 non-functional buttons and 7 snaps on the front and 10 buttons and 3 snaps on each sleeve. 

21 February 2012

New outfit for LittleFee Leah

My little Leah has received her first outfit from me. I knitted her lacy top using the same pattern from Becky Colvin, I just had to adjust it a bit. I used the same crochet cotton No 10 and knitting needles 1.75 mm and 1.25 mm (#00 and #0000). The jeans I made myself. They have functional front pockets though I couldn’t decide how to show them off better. Maybe, some other time.